Mentoring opportunity with WriteMentor

Last year I leapt at the chance to deliver a weekend of workshops for the WriteMentor organisation. What particularly appealed to me was the aim of making opportunities in writing for children and young people accessible across the UK. As a lifelong Northerner, I get frustrated when most events are based in London. I understand the logistics which lie behind it but it does mean that many events are not accessible for those for whom travel to the capital is too expensive, time consuming or difficult. So I’m fully behind WriteMentor’s aim to deliver workshops across the UK and mine was in Sheffield last month. I loved every minute of it!

And now another opportunity has arisen – to be a mentor for a writer to offer feedback on their manuscript and to help them shape their work. Again, when I read about this, I knew I wanted to get involved. Through my MA, my involvement with SCBWI and years of reading and learning my craft, I hope I can offer guidance to someone, just as I’ve benefitted from the generosity of others to me along the way. Getting ahead in publishing can be a challenge and I wish this opportunity had been around for me a few years back.

So all the details of how to apply can be found by looking at @WriteMentor on Twitter or via the website What kind of writer am I looking to mentor? I’m fairly open to what I’m looking for – though I think my area of expertise is YA or upper MG. I love, love, love reading fantasy/reworking of fairy tales and what I’m always looking for is great character, dialogue and plot (yes worldbuilding is important but it’s the others that really make a work stand out for me) or I’d love to read a contemporary story with a unique voice. After that, I’d say I love historical writing. But if you feel I’d be a good fit for you, send away…

Currently I’m offering two passes on your work but the precise nature of how we’ll work together can be agreed at a later date.

Good luck to all applicants!

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